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Whirlwind Week Part 2: Evan's Plunge

Updated: May 24, 2023

After our morning at Wind Cave National Park, we headed back to the bus and grabbed our dad, our swimsuits, and lunch, then we headed for Evan's Plunge. We were so excited when we pulled up into the parking lot. As we neared the doors we got anxious, we were ready to swim!

Then we walked around the indoor pool and to the outside pool because the inside was closed for a few minutes. B.O.B and I got to go down a zooming, twisty, dark, torpedo slide. The moment you got to the top of the spiraling stairs a chill went down your spine. You heard the person in front of you scream as they went down. At first you close your eyes, then all of a sudden you swerve on the side like a high speed race car. Then you take a sharp turn and shoot into the water. SPLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We both loved it!

After a while the outdoor slide shut down, because the indoor pool opened back up. When we got in, the water felt good on our skin because it wasn’t chlorine. The water was a natural Hot Spring! When our feet touched the bottom we found out something different - it was rocks!

There were two indoor slides. One slide was windy and medium fast. KC enjoyed going down on it. The other one is a straight shot down and was speedy fast. B.O.B and I went down a couple of times but it wasn’t ideal.

We made a competition with a couple other boys in line for the slide. We were trying to see who could go down the slide the fastest. To go at max speed down the windy open blue slide, I folded the mat in half. Then, while pushing off as hard as I could, I twisted and turned until I started to get splashed up the side, then I repeated on the next curve to gain momentum and go turboing down. Next I slammed into the water at full speed, making it rain. After that I made my way through the water and to the stairs, to go again.

For most of the time we played pop the ball, where Dad would chuck the ball at B.O.B, and he would dodge it by going under the water. Also there were gymnastic rings that stretched across one end of the pool to the other. B.O.B and Mom tried the rings after watching others swing across the pool, but they didn’t make it. We were sad that it was time to leave, but we had to get going. We were glad to have stopped and made another great memory.

Put On Your Seatbelts and Get Ready

for Our Next Adventure!!!!!

Written by: Pickles; edited by: Auntie L; Fun Fact by Pickles

*Blog posts are not reflective of our current location,

they have been written and posted with a delay.*


Fun Fact

North Dakota is the number-one producer of honey in the United States. Their hives on average more than 30 million pounds each year.


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Dec 17, 2022

I'm so glad you were able to go to one of my favorite childhood destinations. Loved your post. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. - Susan


Dec 08, 2022

Great writing Pickles! i loved your descriptive words, you really captured the feeling of sitting at the top of that slide and then swerving down!


Dec 08, 2022

So glad that you have fun together as a family. Keep on writing your updates.

Love, Papa

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