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Updated: May 16, 2023

Early September 2022

In Michigan, we went to the Northern Sun Winery, were we were able to run around through the vineyard. Pickles also got to feed some of the horses. As we ate dinner, there was a farm dog that came over and was trying to eat our food.

The next Harvest Host we stayed at was a farm, that had a big old barn. The lady also let us hold one of their chickens. Mom liked the garden markers made of rocks.

The next day we went to Mackinac Island. We rode the ferry there with our bikes. It was so pretty seeing all the flowers. We biked around the whole loop and saw lots of cool things, we even saw horse poop. We watched people make lots of fudge. It was interesting how they boiled the ingredients, then spread it out on a table. After that, they let it cool off before they cut it into pieces. We bought some fudge to try and it was delicious. We froze some to save, and it last us over seven months before we ate it all!

After seeing Mackinac Island, we went and visited one of dad's cousins. We went to their church potluck, which had a giant pig roast. We played many fun outdoor games at their church, and then we went to their house, and had more fun with the family.

Our last Harvest Host in Michigan was a plant nursery. After the kids fed the fish, we picked out two plants (and pots), a cactus and another succulent. The Hosts helped us get them planted. Now we have two new plants to enjoy on the bus!

After eight days in Michigan, we were ready to make our way over to New York State

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Written by B.O.B.; Edited by Mom; Fun Fact by Pickles

*Blog posts are not reflective of our current location,

they have been written and posted with a delay.*

Fun Fact


Michigan has 115 lighthouses, which is more than any other state.



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May 12, 2023

👍👍great job!


May 12, 2023

Great post! Thanks for sharing! 😍

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