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So far we have managed to enjoy our bus while still in the process of renovating. The summer of 2020, we took our bus for a weekend to Ponca State Park in Nebraska. Later that summer we also stayed in Mankato for a week, biking and swimming.


We decided we had enough renovated on the bus, to take off for three weeks and go south for a much needed winter break. Each time we take a trip on the bus, we make a wish list of new things we would like to incorporate next.


This summer (2021) we have been working hard to finish up more major projects on our bus before it gets stored for winter.


Through all of our renovations so far, we have become very happy with how everything is turning out. This summer we decided that this point in time of our life would be the perfect opportunity to make a memory of a life time.


Check out our plans for 2022 on our “Future” page!

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