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Upstate New York

Updated: May 25, 2023

Early September 2022

Near Buffalo, we stayed at one of Dad's previous coworkers. Thay had a pool that we could swim in, and had lots of animals the kids played with and look at. Together, went to a small barbecue and brat shop and enjoyed a delicious dinner.

Our next stop was by Lake Ontario. We could just barely see Toronto on the other side of the lake. We played a little in the water, but it was really cold. Mom took some cool photos of the rocks and


We went to see Niagara Falls and took the Maid of the Mist Tour. We were really wet at the end of the ride! It was awesome seeing how much water flows over the falls at a one time.

We met up with one of Mom's friends she has known since middle school, who lives in Toronto. She came with her family, and we ate lunch together by the bus. They brought some really yummy maple syrup cookies! Afterwards, all of the kids had a fun time playing together.

Both families went and explored the Niagara Falls Power Plant together. There were lots of interactive displays, and even a 4-D movie ride. After the Power Plant we went to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner, and we ordered a chocolate volcano for dessert.

Once we left Niagara, we headed to a Harvest Host in Northern New York. It used to be a ski lodge back in the day, so it had lots of old skis and other products that people used to buy for their ski trips. Now it is just a mountain with cows on it. Because we didn't bring our own Monopoly game on the bus, it was exciting to play the Disney version they had at the lodge.

Our Upstate New York adventures lasted ten days and we had lots of fun, our next stop is Vermont.

Written by: B.O.B.; Edited by: Mom; Fun Fact: by Pickles

*Blog posts are not reflective of our current location,

they have been written and posted with a delay.*

Fun Fact


The only US floating post office is the Westcott ll. The ship even has its own zip code (48222). Since 1895 the J.W. Westcott company has been delivering letters and packages by boat to thousands of sailors on the Great Lakes.



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