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Early October 2022

After we were done in Vermont, we headed to Maine. We arrived right before the trees were changing colors so we were able to see the full effect. Our first adventure was to an apple orchard. It was the kind where you could pick your own apples. We grabbed a wagon and went into the orchard. It was tons of fun looking for the best apples to take home.

We were able to go to the Great Vermont Lumberjack Show. We watched them exhibit all sorts of lumberjack skills, like wood carving, log rolling and tree climbing. KC received a small wooden chair that one of the people had cut. Both Pickles and KC got to try using a crosscut saw.

Our grandparents came out to Maine to go to Acadia National Park with us. We rode a trolley that took us to lots of interesting places inside the park. The fall colors were so beautiful. We saw many pretty lakes, and we felt Sand Beach, which is actually not sand but small sea shell fragments.

In Bar Harbor, all of us went on a lobster boat tour. We saw them haul traps up and they also found a female with eggs. Afterwards, we went to a restaurant on the pier and had some amazing seafood.

The Penobscot Narrows Bridge is the tallest public space in Maine, and one of four bridge observatories in the world. It is right next to Fort Knox, Maine's largest historic fort. We were able to explore all the passages and we learned how to load and fire a cannon.

We went to the Penobscot Marine Museum. We learned about how to raise the sails on a boat. There were lots of exhibits of what kind of games kids who lived on a boat would play. Pickles dressed up in a lobster fisherman suit and learned how to reel in a lobster trap.

Maine was a beautiful state to visit and we had lots of fun learning new things! The bus is heading down the East Coast next so get ready for more ADVENTURES

Written by B.O.B.; Edited by Mom; Fun Facts by Pickles

*Blog posts are not reflective of our current location,

they have been written and posted with a delay.*

Fun Facts


Maine has more than four thousand coastal islands.



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