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Decisions Decisions...

And more.....quick decisions!

In order to move a family of 5 onto a 40ft tiny house on wheels, there was a lot of downsizing that needed to be done.

What are we going to need on the bus with us for the next year; what are we going to need in the future that is not going on the bus; what do we just not need anymore, is it trash, or is it useful for someone else to enjoy?

Every once in a while, we just needed little breaks, and rewards. Bellissimo Coffeeworks always came through, in so many ways. Sorry buddy, we still can't take Bellissimo's donut machine on the road with us...

These decisions took time and effort, and sometimes was just down right draining on my mind! But, the driving force behind our madness was the sweet reward of getting to spend quality time with our family. We will get to explore all of God's unique creations, reunite with old friends, and meet new ones along the way! Don't worry, we will not forget our awesome community and friends we have left behind. With the technology, you are able to ride along and enjoy our journey with us!

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