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An Inside Interview with KC

In this article of Kid's Corner, we present an interview with KC, age 6, thanks to our correspondent, BOB, revealing his take on our current events.

BOB: "What did you think when Mom and Dad proposed the idea of getting a bus?"

KC: "At first I thought that we were moving to a different house."

BOB: "What was your reaction when you first saw the bus?"

KC: "I was surprised that the bathroom was dirty, and I thought that the bus was going to be smaller than it really was."

BOB: "What do you think about our big trip we are going to be taking?"

KC: "I think it will be exciting, but at first I thought it would be horrible."

BOB: "After the trip, where do you want to live, or do you have any expectations?"

KC: "I want to be across the street from a Culver's, and be close to our cousins."

-Kid's Corner Editors

Interview was recorded in May, 2022

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