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Taking a Hike

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

One day our family decide to take a hike in the open space next to our campground. It was called the Horsetooth Mountain Open Space.

It was a short hike but we had lots of fun. We saw lots of mountain bikers going up and down the hills. When we got to a different bay, called Dixon Cove, we stopped to get a drink and to get our heads wet, then we kept waking.

On the side of the trail, I saw a weird looking plant called a puzzle plant. It had lots of parts that fit together to make the stem. It could be taken apart and put back together.

When we saw the trail split again, we decided to go back to the bus. as we headed home, we stopped at Dixon Cove and all the kids jumped in the water and swam. After we dried off we went back home.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Comment below what it is.

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Written by BOB, Edited by Mom

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Jul 26, 2022

Looks like fun.


Jul 26, 2022


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