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Sioux Falls, SD

Late July 2022

On our way from Mt. Rushmore, we stopped in Sioux Falls. We were lucky to have some friends from our old home town come up to meet us! Even though it had only been two months since we had left, it was really good to see friends again. We stayed at the Cracker Barrel, and it was next to a Culver's, so we were pretty excited. I was very thankful for their delivery of my Bellissimo's espresso beans and syrup. I guess I was too excited to see them that we forgot to take a single picture..... :(

*my picture that was only lived in the moment...

I learned my lesson, and got pictures with our next friends visiting!

I actually learned my lesson for the rest of this trip, which is why

KC always comments on how many pictures Mom takes.

(I am not going to miss any more moments!!)

We stayed at a Harvest Host on a Dairy Farm. We had pizza,

chocolate milk, and ice cream all from the Farm! Kids had fun playing hide

and go seek and chasing friends around the farm.

The next day when we turned on the bus to air up,

all of a sudden our wipers started to turn on..... I wonder who did that.... 🤔

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