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Hiking the Cache Poudre River Valley

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

One day, we decided that we wanted to go hiking again. We drove to a hiking spot in the Cache Poudre River Valley. As we were driving, we saw some people going rafting down the river. We were excited because we knew that would be us soon.

Dad found a nice trail that was excluded from civilization. After we got our prime parking spot, we hopped out and got ready to hike. We noticed quite a few cacti and flowers were on the side of trial, hidden among the brown and green landscape.

As we were walking, we realized that we forgot our hiking poles laying next to the Jeep, so Mom turned around and went back to get them. (She got to venture out and do some extreme trail running) The rest of use kept going but we stopped some places to climb on big boulders.

Dad was looking on his phone and saw that there was a geocache on the trail. When we got to the location Dad and KC bushwhacked and eventually found it under a rock. Pickles and I were waiting for the boys, when Mom caught up to us after getting the poles. We all celebrated finding the geocache, and then kept going.

We were walking down the trail and we saw a stream with an obstacle course made of rocks in it. The kids wanted to go bouldering on it so Dad ran ahead to check where we could get out. When he found one, all the kids hopped onto the rocks and started up the stream. When we found Dad, Pickles and KC wanted to keep going but there wasn't an easy path forward. After the parents convinced the kids we could go Ex-stream bouldering later, we went back to hiking on the normal trail.

We found a good spot to sit to have our snack.

Once we finished eating we felt like we were ready to turn back.

We started the hike back, and stopped a couple places to take some photos. As we got closer to the Jeep, we stopped to do some more ex-stream bouldering. By this time, we had still yet to see one other person (not from our family) on the trail. We were almost back to Jeep, and we finally saw one family with a small toddler. There were also not very many animals, just the occasional bird or chipmunk.

Where is your favorite place to hike?

(comment below)

After our photo op. we kept walking and got back to the Jeep. (And now there were two cars in the parking lot!) It was almost dinner time so we drove back into Fort Collins. We went to a Thai food place and got lots of yummy food. Everyone ate a little bit of everything. We got pumpkin curry, potstickers, shrimp and rice, and Korean ribs. (My favorite was the Thai tea!) Then we went to the downtown square to listen to live music, but it got canceled because of lightning. We walked around the little shops, our favorite store was the Artist store. It was featuring products from 50 different local artist. Very inspiring!

We then went to an ice cream shop called Walrus' Ice Cream Shoppe. We got ice cream cones and talked about our day. There were also funny pictures on the wall that featured walruses. After we finished our cones we ran back to the Jeep in the rain to go home.

Stay Tuned for More Stories From the Bus

Written by BOB; Edited by Mom; Fun Fact by Pickles


Fun Fact

Periodical cicadas spend 13 or 17 years underground.

If your life was like a cicadas, you would spend 71 years growing up.


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1 comentario

16 ago 2022

Sounds like a fun day. Glad that you are all such good hikers. You'll have lots of trails to explore in God's great outdoors.

Me gusta
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