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Flying W Ranch

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

We had reservations for the Flying W Ranch in Colorado Springs, and decided that we could stop at Focus on the Family before our show.

It was cool getting to order ice cream from Whit's End, and seeing all the fun exhibits. There was a three story slide from Adventures in Odyssey called A-Bend-a-Go.

"It was really fast and fun. You had to sit in a blanket and have elbow socks to be safe. You also had to run up lots of stairs to go again." -KC. After we went to the bookstore to pick out some books, we left to go to a park.

Dad dropped the kids and Mom off at the park and then went to a store to get groceries. The park had lots of fun equipment and a splash pad, but it wasn't turned on because there was a storm overhead. After a little while, Dad came back to pick us up.

We then went to a bike shop to get a part for Pickles' bike because it had gotten a broken tire. Once we got everything we needed, it was time to go to the Flying W Ranch.

When we got there, we put on all our layers because it was going to get cooler. After we checked in, we found our prime time table... right in the front row! We then went to explore the place. In the gift shop there were cards with funny sayings and souvenirs. In the backyard there were ponies, goats, chickens, and turkeys that you could watch and even pet some.

There were also different activities that you could do. The kids got to do archery while the parents got to throw axes. Then we went to an outdoor amphitheater where there were Native Americans doing a tribal dance. They were also doing some cool hoop dances.

After it was finished, we went to eat dinner. The host gave a talk about how the Flying W came about, and how it burned down in 2012. Then one of the band members came out and explained how the dinner line works.

Our table was the first table to be called, we were surprised to get to eat first. We went through the line and got a heaping plate full of food. We also got a cup full of lemonade or ice tea. It was really hard to balance everything back to our table. When we got back, me and Mom mixed our drinks, lemonade and tea, together to make an Arnold Palmer.

All the food was really good. I got brisket, beans, baked potato, buns, applesauce, and spice cake. My favorite was probably the buns and potato. Pickles' favorite was "Applesauce, YUM YUM YUM!" Then, when we were finished, the band came on the stage and started to introduce themselves.

They played lots of songs and had lots of funny jokes. They had some really good 5 part harmonies. I had a really fun time. After the show, we got back in the Jeep and started the drive home. As we were driving, I was just thinking about how much fun I had that day.

When we got home, all the kids got ready for bed and fell asleep, ready for our next adventure.

Thanks for reading our blog

Written by BOB; Edited by MOM; Fact by Pickles

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fun Fact

North Dakota is the number one honey producer in the United States. Their hives produce, on average, more than 30 million pounds each year!!

- Pickles


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Sep 03, 2022

Very nice I've been having some interesting hikes I did Angels landing at Zion national and the narrows I also went hand gliding and went to the Bonneville salt flats and drove out there and did donuts with my Jeep

Replying to

Those all sound really fun! It is crazy how different and unique the land can change while driving cross-country!

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