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Boating on the Horsetooth Reservoir

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Written by B.O.B.; Co-writer: Pickles; Editor: Mom

It was a hot summer day in Fort Collins, Colorado. We decided to rent a boat from the local marina and take it for a spin.

When we got there we had to wait for a little bit as J got directions on how to drive the speedboat. As we waited the kids got Otter Pops. (Comment if you know what that is, we didn't.) Once we got on the boat we slowly left the inlet and went to main area. After we got over the shock of going so fast, the tube was set out with Pickles on board. After she went everyone else, except J and L, followed suit.

The tubing was "awesome", says Pickles. I agree, except for a few mishaps along the way.

The first was when KC and me were on the tube for the first time. After we got used to the ride, we started tipping forward and then, splash! We both fell of and had to wait, holding onto the tube, as J drove the boat toward us and Pickles waved an orange flag. What had happened was the rope we were using had broken and tipped us off. "I was kind of scared", said KC. I was surprised when it happened because I didn't know that could happen, but I was glad I was with KC because I was able to help him get safely onto the boat.

The second was right after the first and wasn't as surprising. All that happened was the rope came untied and I was left sitting on the tube. After that J perfected his knot and we had a fun rest of the time tubing.

After we had enough time tubing, we headed into Dixon Cove to swim. We had a lot of fun and after we swam for a while we went back to the main reservoir to have some more tubing fun.


Boating Day

When we went boating I was scared to go on the tube and I thought B.O.B. (Big Outstanding Brother) and KC could go first. It was really fun. I didn't want to end my turn. The boys went after me.The rope broke and got flipped over. I got to hold the orange flag ,which means someone is in the water. We did some more boating and we went really fast. It was cool when my hair flipped into the wind when we go fast. Then we drove the boat to a swimming area and put our anchor down. B.B. and me jumped of the front of the boat and swam around. We used the tube as a floaty (even though we had life jackets.) B.O.B. and me pushed the tube away from the boat and jumped off. We kept swimming until we wanted to go tubing again. I was on the tube when we were going out and a goose was right there! It was cool! When we got out, B.O.B. and me went tubing together. We had a casual conversation with the occasional scream and lots of bumps. I will never forget that boating day!



KC's Journal Entry

Overall we had an awesome time on the reservoir and I am looking forward to more fun adventures on our trip.

Stay tuned for more Courageous Capers in Colorado

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