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A Trip To Town

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

One Friday we decided we to go into Fort Collins to run some errands. First, as we were driving down the mountain in the Jeep, the emergency brake light turned on, even though it wasn't engaged. The dials on the dashboard were flickering back and forth. Then Mom decided to pull of the road to check the car. After she shut the car off, she waited a little bit, and then tried to turn it back on. She was not successful. The car just wouldn't start.

Mom tried to call Dad, but he was in a meeting for work. She called Papa, and was talking to him, trying to figure out what to do, when a truck pulled onto the road we were on. The side of his truck said, #1 Handyman. Mom quickly flagged him down and told him our situation. He said that he would turn around and help us. It turned out that our battery was dying. The handyman jumped-started the Jeep. Then Mom tipped him and we drove off. When we got into town we drove straight to AutoZone and got a new battery.

After we had it installed we got back in the car and drove to the UPS store to make some returns. Once we were done there we drove to a Free Little Library to get a book. Then we went to Walmart to make more returns and find some wood screws and bolts. There was also a fundraiser in the store that was selling popcorn. Luckily Mom let us get some and it was delicious.

Then we went to Target to buy groceries. After we searched in the store for a while, we decided to go somewhere else to get the rest of our food. We payed for the things we found, and then drove to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.

After we ate, we drove to Trader Joe's to look for more groceries. But we still couldn't find everything. Then we drove to Safe Way and finally got all the food we needed. Finally we were done with all our errands and we could go home.

Has your car ever broken down on the side of the road?
How did you get it fixed?
Comment below

Written by BOB; Edited by Mom; Fun Fact by Pickles


Fun Fact!

Female fireflies do not fly. Most fireflies eat nothing because their lives are so short. Those that do, eat pollen, nectar, and other soft-body insects.

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Aug 01, 2022

Our first trip with our in laws to visit Terrys brother, we had an engine belt break. Terry and is dad hitched a ride to town while his mom and I stayed with the car. We were near Indianola and the balloon festival was going on. Great entertainment while we waited for the guys to return.


Before Josh and Heather were born we moved to Canada. Our U-Haul truck could only go 55 with both my feet on the gas pedal to the floor! We stopped and it needed a new governor. Then later while returning it it through a rod in the engine! That engine is toast!


Aug 01, 2022

Same thing happened to me right before I left Pennsylvania only mine was the alternator

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